Secure Talent Acquisition – Celebrates Veterans Day with its official business launch.


In conjunction with and in celebration of this 2016 Veterans Day, Secure Talent Acquisition is officially launching its Human Capital Acquisition services, focused on working directly with Veterans and transitioning military members to find private sector jobs.  Our primary industries are; Defense Contractor, High Tech, Cyber Security, Manufacturing, Law enforcement and Transportation and Warehousing.

STA is a Veteran owned and operated firm, intent on being a “force multiplier” for veterans, helping with their job search efforts, at NO COST to the veterans.

If you are a veteran and looking for a new and human approach to securing your post military career or next opportunity, connect with us by sending your resume to:

Visit our website and learn more about our unique process and approach to helping veterans find meaningful and appropriate level opportunities.

Website URL :  https//

So what do we believe and practice at STA?

  • Our motto is, “Putting the Human Element back in talent acquisition”
  • Our philosophy is, “People hire People”
  • Our Core Values are, People, Process, Performance  

It is on these three KEY foundations that we have developed this new and “people-centric” approach to finding and selecting the most valuable resource any organization will ever have, it’s people. I will expand on each of these in my next few blogs.

Please chime in. We’d love to get your thoughts and input on our efforts to change the face of Human Capital Acquisition, especially when it comes to selecting and hiring Veterans.    Trevor