“Putting the Human element back in Human Capital Acquisition”. 

At Secure Talent Acquisition (STA) our motto is “Putting the Human element back in Human Capital Acquisition”. I’d like to expand on this thought process so that you have a better understanding of what we are about. First, and most importantly, Human Resources is ALL about people. We absolutely believe that a business’s human resource, its people, is the most valuable and critical asset a business will ever have. As such, your Human Capital is an important investment decision.  The goal of every company should be to make the best investments, ones which will make you more effective and successful. We also know it takes time and significant effort to find and determine what the best investment is. An added business reality is that “time is money”. So, when it comes to your Human Capital acquisition, we see this as an investment and a time is money problem we solve for you.  STA invest the time and effort needed to:

·  assess and align our candidates to the right industry and job function

·   align and only present candidates for the appropriate level positions

·   align candidates with companies that are a good cultural and people fit

To ensure we are successful to this end, STA spends at least 3 hours of direct contact time with our candidates.

STA’s end goal is the same as yours, to make EXCELLENT “People Fits”, ones which are long-term and drives the results and productivity you need.

More to come on the topic of retention, in a future blog.

Send your thoughts and input on our efforts to change the face of Human Capital Acquisition, especially when it comes to selecting and hiring Veterans.    Trevor