“People Hire People”

At Secure Talent Acquisition, we have three key guiding beliefs on which we base all our processes, focus and results. Today I’ll expand on our philosophy of “People Hire People”.

In my last blog, I discussed our motto “Putting the Human Element back in Talent Acquisition”, which highlighted the fact that your people are your most valuable resource and an investment in the future success of your organization.

Today I want to focus on what we mean by People Hiring People.

We believe the current and dominant recruiting and staffing processes are BROKEN!!!

I cringe whenever I hear recruiters proudly stating that they have 30 seconds or less to screen resumes submitted by potential future Human Capital.   What makes this even more disturbing is, 75% of all resumes submitted via job boards are screened out by some form of Resume Screening Software (RSS).  Yes, most are driven by algorithms which in most cases are extremely advanced and tightly dialed to reduce the number of resumes which make the cut.  The RSS process is sometimes called resume shortlisting”, a term I affectionately refer to as “resume shortchanging”.

All kidding aside, the true gravity of what happens in the current prevailing recruiting and staffing process is that the time commitment to finding the best fitting candidate is minimal at best.  Think about it, based on “key words” the RSS screens out 75% of the candidates and then a recruiter spends 30 seconds or less on the remaining 25%.  Do you really think the best fitting candidates is often selected?

Ever heard the term GIGO?  Yes, garbage in garbage out.  That is what the above process nets in most cases.

The less time spent determining who the best Human Capital is, the less chance the best investment is made.

At STA, we believe “time is money” and selecting your next Human Capital is a “People Process” which is worth the time and effort.  Our candidate consultants speak directly to each of our candidates, spending up to 3 hours assessing their employment profile, validating their education, training, certifications and hands-on and in-the-seat experience.  With this detailed assessment, we develop a 1 page bio of who the candidate is and a 1 page Knowledge – Skills – Ability (KSA) spreadsheet which accurately tells the hiring manager exactly what the candidate is fully capable of doing.

No embellishment as is the case with most resumes!

We do this because our focus is on investing the time and human interaction needed to asses and align our candidates to the right industry, the appropriate level position and a good company cultural match.  With a detailed and accurate candidate profile, we can make more accurate job fits.

The bottom line is, STA’s process involves direct human interaction with each candidate from initial contact, throughout the KSA vetting process, developing their job search profile, interview skills training, offer letter expectance and salary negotiation.

Yes, simply put, “People hire People” and it is the talent acquisition process which STA facilitate.

More to follow, Trevor